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The adventures of a melodramatic chubby girl on her way to beauty

Lucy, 18, 5'3.8"
HW: 155 lbs
CW: 126ish lbs
GW: 117 lbs
Progress Report: Stats 7/16/12
  • Weight: 132.7 lbs (+0.9 lbs)
  • Natural waist: 28.625” (+.125”)

—-Comment: So I totally just tried sucking in, and it gave a lower value than last week’s sucking in. By like a quarter inch. I don’t know what that means, but I’m going to be happy about it even though I gained a bit realistically.

  • Low waist: 32” (+.25”)

—-Comment: The thing about this is that it is very hard to get the tape measure tight without being too tight and then, as it’s right where I have quite a bit of natural curve, it’s hard to keep it straight. Sucking in as much as possible, I can get to 29” (maybe I’m just getting more awesome at sucking in?), and I know those don’t really count, but it’s weird to have my “abs engaged” value get bigger and my sucking-in to be lower. Idk.

  • Hips: 36.5” (No change)
  • Thighs: 21.5” / 22” (+.375”… each…)
  • Calves: 13.125” / 13.125” ( +.125” and -.125”)
  • Biceps: 10.25” / 10.125” (-.25” and -.125”)
  • Bust/chest: 38.5” (no change)
  • Underbust/rib cage; 30” (-.375”)
  • Overbust: 33” (+.25”)

So… for having 4 days off this week, I think that’s pretty good. I was sitting on my butt in a car for those 4 days or sitting on my butt at my grandma’s house eating tootsie rolls or swedish pancakes (bane of my fitness and weight-loss endeavors…). And considering the start of the week and how much my scale weighed me before I left for the vacation, I’m feeling honestly pretty okay. Would I LIKE to lose weight? Yes, of course. Would I LIKE to lose inches? Absolutely. But for the week I had, I’m just happy that I didn’t gain any more… I can’t be upset about results I didn’t get for the work I didn’t do…

It’s kind of interesting to see how my body shifts its water and fat storage though. I’m not sure most of the time if something is fat, water, or muscle, or really just what is happening in my body in general. Knowing that my body is constantly being invaded by outside hormones (thank you birth control) makes me think I don’t really know where my body is at each week too… I try to look for trends, and perhaps when I have a few more months done I’ll be able to see some. I guess as long as I’m making progress every 4 weeks, I will be happy.

After all… even though I only have 15 or so pounds to lose (thus only 2-3 months to lose it), fitness is a journey

This week, though, is going to be awesome. I WILL do my workouts, and when Rob comes to visit, I WON’T be held back in the kitchen.

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