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Lucy, 18, 5'3.8"
HW: 155 lbs
CW: 126ish lbs
GW: 117 lbs
yeskameansfaggot - Hey! we're on the same Insanity schedule! awesome! Hows it working for you???

That’s so cool that we’re doing it “together” haha. It’s bee a struggle!! I haven’t been able to do every workout (had to leave town to find a place to live next year for college- I moved out of the dorms) and I am struggling with my eating, but after two weeks I had lost 3 pounds, which is great for me. I’m also retaining a lot of water- I hear that it takes a few weeks before your body starts shedding the water when you start a new strength program. The best thing for me though is that I’m gaining muscular fitness. I can do pushups now!! I’m really excited about that :) How is it going for you?

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