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Lucy, 18, 5'3.8"
HW: 155 lbs
CW: 126ish lbs
GW: 117 lbs
Anonymous - are you currently seeing a therapist?

Actually, no, I’m not currently going to a therapist, but I have. I started seeing a therapist during my freshman year of high school (about 5 years ago) and saw her for a few months, but we didn’t really fit well and I wasn’t make any progress with my depression. At that time I didn’t have an ED. Two years after that I went to another and after a few months (maybe 5?) I had worked quite a bit out. To be honest, I think I’ve learned all I can from a therapist and now it’s up to me to utilize what I’ve learned.

While I don’t see a therapist, I advocate anybody with severe depression or EDs to get professional help. When I went to therapy, I did a lot of CBT- cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s a more recent type of therapy that works well for depression and EDs, and I highly recommend it to anybody battling an eating disorder

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